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Why is it recommended that I spend more money during my first cleaning visit?
A first time cleaning of a new client’s home requires extra man hours to remove extra soil and build-up. Our team members usually spend anywhere from 2 to 4 times longer to clean a first time client than they will to maintain the cleaning.
Why the extra time? If your home has never been professionally cleaned, it is likely that there is soil build-up throughout that is not always noticeable to the passing eye. If we are taking over an account from another residential cleaning service or individual, it’s likely that you have decided to make a change because you weren’t happy with the quality of cleaning. In this case, we are most likely going to run into areas that haven’t been properly cleaned. Our staff will need to remove the extra soil and build-up before we can commit to a successful maintenance schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. We have no contract to sign. We promise a service that is professional. Raleigh Cleaning Company has policies in place (Contact us to request our Terms of Service) that we expect every client to follow. Our commitment to providing a professional service requires the same professional commitment from our clients. Reliable, dependable and honest service is what we pride ourselves in providing and we expect in return for our clients to maintain a professional atmosphere. We are confident that you will trust our staff and our service. Ask us for a copy of our Terms of Service to better understand what we promise and what we expect.

Arrival Times, Reschedules and Cancellations:

How do I know what time the team will arrive? Can I specify an arrival time?

Arrival times are estimated and based on a 3 hour window.

We understand the importance of time, hence we strive to provide you with as accurate an arrival estimate as possible, typically within a 3-hour window. Recognizing that our line of work can be subject to unforeseen circumstances, it’s challenging to pinpoint an exact arrival time. However, we promise to do our best to update you should any changes occur. You will receive an “On the Way Text” for your convenience when you technician is en route. Please always make us aware if you have specific time or day requests, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. The only guaranteed arrival time we offer is the first appointment (arrival between 8:00 AM & 10 AM). If your schedule does not allow for a flexible arrival time, please request the first appointment of the day. 

What if I am not home on cleaning day?

We encourage all our clients to provide secured access by way of electronic door keypads, garage door keypads or traditional lockboxes secured somewhere on the property.  If you prefer to leave a door open or a key left in a concealed spot, we will enter with your permission. We recommend placing a lockbox outside of the home in case a battery within the garage door or front door access point dies so that you will never have to worry about paying a lock-out fee. Our state-of-the-art software safeguards your lockbox and alarm codes with password protection and encrypted cloud storage. With advance instructions, we’re also happy to disarm and/or arm alarm systems. If you don’t have one, lockboxes can be purchased from us for $10. Raleigh Cleaning Company does not maintain, hold, or otherwise take possession of property keys.

What if I need to add, skip or reschedule a cleaning?

Maintaining your regularly scheduled cleaning is mutually beneficial to ensure your cleaning team has enough time in your home to do a great job. If a scheduling change is needed, we understand that life happens, and tomorrow’s unpredictability impacts us all. Please contact our office (via text, email, or call) at by 8am the business day prior to avoid being charged an emergency cancellation fee of $50 for recurring cleanings or $100 for deep cleans or one-time cleanings. Rescheduling for another time during the same week as your originally scheduled service will not incur an additional cost or fee.

Skipping a Regularly Scheduled Cleaning: For cancellations, or skips without rescheduling before the next scheduled cleaning, the next cleaning will be billed accordingly: 

  • Weekly Client- next cleaning two weeks later will be at the two week rate.
  • Bi-weekly Client- next cleaning four weeks later will be at the four-week rate.
  • Every 4 Week Client- will be billed at 1.33 times the every four week rate when going 6-8 weeks between cleanings.

If the technician deems there is no additional time needed on the next regular cleaning due to skipping a cleaning you will be charged your regular rate.

Likewise, to add an extra cleaning, both the added cleaning and the cleaning following will be charged at the lower frequency rate. For example, if your biweekly rate is $200 and you weekly rate is $180, the extra cleaning and the following cleaning (both one week since last service will be billed at $180, therefore it would be an additional $160 compared to the budgeted total for services that month.)

What if I forget to cancel the cleaning or you are locked out of my home on the day of the cleaning?

Unfortunately, if we are not given adequate notice for cancelling a scheduled cleaning, or are unable to gain access to your home, a “Lock Out” fee of $50 for recurring cleanings or $100 for deep cleans or one time cleaning will be charged to your card on file. This helps us cover our staff’s lost wages for the time they had reserved to make your space shine. Late cancellation and lockout fees are necessary because we consider a scheduled visit to be a reservation for your service.  We do not over-book our schedule because we believe every client deserves a reliable, high-quality service.  As a result, we require cancellations to be made before 8am one business day prior to avoid late cancellation cost.

Supplies and Equipment:

Do I need to supply any of the cleaning supplies or equipment?

No.  Raleigh Cleaning Company will provide all cleaning equipment and supplies unless otherwise arranged in advance with the client prior to our arrival. Due to OSHA regulations, we are unable to use any cleaning supplies or equipment but our own without a signed liability statement.


Are the people who clean my home legally authorized to work, trained and insured?

Yes. We wouldn’t operate any other way. It’s the law! Our employees are W-2 employees (not Independent Contractors or under the table “helpers”) and meet strict hiring and training standards including an extensive background screening is conducted for every applicant being considered, through Intellicorp. They all meet Federal requirements regarding their ability to work in the United States legally. Raleigh Cleaning Company secures general liability insurance, is bonded and carries an umbrella policy along with comprehensive Worker’s Compensation insurance. All cleaning technicians are fluent in speaking and reading English. We have a strong commitment in maintaining very clear communication.


What if I have a pet?

Your pets are important to us. For their safety as well as ours, please let us know how they should be handled. RCC does not handle pet waste left behind by animals including cat litter boxes. While we deem our services as pet-friendly, our primary task and training is focused on home cleaning.  Please prepare your home for our arrival by working out a system for us to work around your pets and to provide quality service. Some technicians may leave dog treats in a plastic package for you to give to dogs when you get home, please let us know if you would not like them to be left due to danger to the dog. For sanitary and safety issues our teams are never permitted to clean flea-infested homes or pick up animal excrement. We will not clean if our team members feel they are in danger due to your dog or other animals.

Preparation for Cleaning:

Do I have to pick up before the team arrives?

We realize that getting ready for “cleaning day” can be a stressful time. It’s not our intention that you “clean” before we get to your home, but we do ask that general clutter, clothing, toys, etc., be picked up as much as possible as this preparation allows us to focus on cleaning surfaces and not spending time tidying.


May I tip my cleaning professional?

Tipping is not required but is always appreciated! If you choose to leave a cash tip, please place a marked “tip” with a note. If you would like to leave a gratuity after every cleaning you may request that a tip is added to your method of payment on file. You will have the option to add a tip on the survey after each cleaning, they are given the tip in full and it is notated who the tips are from on their weekly pay breakdown. Please note that while appreciated, the technicians never expect tips.

Valuables and Restricted Areas:

What should I do with my valuables, heirlooms, or irreplaceable items?

Please put all valuables away prior to us coming to the home. If there is an item you do not want to be cleaned, please text a picture to 919-925-2378 with the location of the item so that we can upload that photo onto your account. A sign on the door is your signal to us you would not like an area cleaned that is typically cleaned.

Breakage and Damage:

What if something is broken or damaged?

Raleigh Cleaning Company’s staff takes great care when cleaning your home, but occasionally accidents do happen. If you notice any breakage or damage, please notify us immediately. If you have valuables or heirlooms, etc., it would be helpful if they would be stored away to avoid accidents. Regrettable, although not common, from time to time, something may be broken. We instruct our team to call the office at once if anything is broken or discovered as having pre-existing damage. The staff on-site will leave you a note advising you of the mishap, and our office will attempt to reach you by phone soon after we have been made aware. If an item is damaged or broken by our staff, we reserve the option to repair or replace it. Damage to items deemed “one-of-a-kind” require demonstrated dollar value to determine any potential settlement. We cannot be responsible for wall hangings attached with anything other than “real” picture hooks.