How much will it cost to clean my home?
Our pricing is based on man hours and recurrence. Upon completion of a detailed discussion with you regarding your specific cleaning needs, a Raleigh Cleaning Company professional will be able to help you select a service plan that best meets your needs and that fits into your budget.

Do all of your employees speak English?
Yes. There are no language barriers at Raleigh Cleaning Company. We have a strong commitment in maintaining very clear communication.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. We have no contract to sign. We promise a service that is professional and have policies in place (contact us to request our Policies and Procedures) that we expect every client to follow. Our commitment to providing a professional service requires the same professional commitment from our clients. Reliable, dependable and honest is what we promise and what we expect in return to maintain our professional atmosphere. We are confident that you will trust our staff and our service. Ask us for a copy of our Policies and Procedures to better understand what we promise and what we expect.

Do I need to provide Raleigh Cleaning Company with cleaning supplies or equipment?
No. We provide everything necessary to clean your home. We will consider special requests if you have a product or piece of equipment that you prefer that we use. We bring freshly sanitized cleaning microfiber into every individual home and service our HEPA vacuums daily and between every cleaning (along with regular replacement) to insure they are clean and in pristine operating condition.

Is Raleigh Cleaning Company bonded and insured and do you carry workers’ compensation insurance?
Yes. We wouldn’t operate any other way. It’s the law! Raleigh Cleaning Company secures general liability insurance, an umbrella policy and workers’ compensation insurance through (get wording from Eric. the #1 national client voted insurance agency in the nation.)

Do you conduct background checks?
Yes. An extensive background screening is conducted for every applicant being considered, through Intellicorp. A completed background screening is kept on file for all Raleigh Cleaning Company employees.
6) How and when do I pay for service?
You can pay by cash, check or credit card. All payments are due on day of service. Credit cards are processed at the end of the business day. Checks are made payable to “Raleigh Cleaning Company”.

Do I need to be home on my scheduled day of service?
No, you do not need to be home. Expectations and detailed instructions are established prior to your first visit so there is no need for you to be home. Providing a key for entry is recommended. All customer keys are coded and kept safe in a lockbox at our office. Providing a key will avoid inconvenience to you, and will help to avoid unnecessary “lockouts” and associated penalty fees (ask us for a copy of our Policies and Procedures)

What time can I expect the team to arrive at my home?
We will provide a one hour estimated arrival window, in an effort to keep our arrival times convenient for you and your family.

Can I make schedule changes?
Yes, of course! Contact us in advance so we can meet your request. We want our service to conveniently meet your needs and we will make every effort to make appropriate changes based on your needs. Any last minute change to a scheduled service date may be subject to penalty (ask us for a copy of our Policies and Procedures).

What is expected of me on day of service?
Reliable access into your home (ie: a key), a home that is picked up and tidy in the areas that are scheduled for service, and payment are expected. Your Raleigh Cleaning team will arrive prepared to work efficiently, following a process that is proven to be effective (ask us for a copy of our Policies and Procedures to learn more about what is expected on day of service).

Who will be cleaning my home?
A team of trained, bonded, insured Raleigh Cleaning Company professionals with English as their first language will be cleaning your home.

What should I do with my pets during the cleaning?
We love pets, and we want your furry friends to feel comfortable and stress free while the team is servicing your home. It is, however, in your best interest to ensure that your furry friends are not interfering with the team during their visits. Any concerns of safety should be brought to our attention so that your Raleigh Cleaning Team can proceed accordingly (based on your instructions for safety). Our goal is to keep everyone safe, and your furry friends happy!

What if something is damaged while your team is servicing my home?
We will consider replacement, or reimbursement after determining that the damage was indeed caused by our negligence. All professionals at Raleigh Cleaning Company are trained to proceed with caution and care. Accidents, unfortunately, sometimes can occur. In the case that something is damaged in your home, your Raleigh Cleaning Team Lead will immediately contact the office. A note will be left behind for you. You will be contacted within 24hrs of the damage by a Raleigh Cleaning Company representative to discuss most appropriate action.

What if I’m not satisfied with the service?
Contact us within 24hrs. Nina will gladly discuss your concerns in detail so we can make an appropriate decision for meeting your expectations.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes we do! You can purchase online 24/7! We accept credit cards to make the purchase quick and easy.
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Am I responsible for workers’ compensation, insurance or employee taxes?
No, Immaculate secures general liability, an ‘umbrella policy and workers compensation insurance policies through (get info from Eric). Employees are paid directly by Immaculate and payroll taxes are deducted. Your home is safe in our hands.

Why is it recommended that I spend more money during my first cleaning visit?
A first time cleaning of a new client’s home requires extra man hours to remove extra soil and build-up. Our team members usually spend anywhere from 2 to 4 times longer to clean a first time client than they will to maintain the cleaning.
Why the extra time? If your home has never been professionally cleaned, it is likely that there is soil build-up throughout that is not always noticeable to the passing eye. If we are taking over an account from another residential cleaning service or individual, it’s likely that you have decided to make a change because you weren’t happy with the quality of cleaning. In this case, we are most likely going to run into areas that haven’t been properly cleaned. Our staff will need to remove the extra soil and build-up before we can commit to a successful maintenance schedule.